25 February 2008

First Tet in VN

Tet 2008: Nha Trang, Tuy Hoa, Dalat, and Phan Rang, and Mui Ne.
Caution: Pictures are in random order and place.
Nha Trang before Tet:

Nha Trang's decorative Tran Phu Street

The cooking of VN's longest Banh Tet at 33 meters long.

Cooking: Finished

A starfish on the fishtank in Vinpearl's Underwater Observatory and Aquarium.

Beautiful tank!!!

Monsters of the water, two moral eels.

What are you lookin' at?!

Groundhog blood wine, i think!!! In Song Pha (on the way dowm from Dalat).

Hustle and Bustle on New Year's Eve (Nha Trang)

About to chomp down the tangerine and its tree :-D.

Maybe not, i'll just steal one...lol.

Party at the bottom of Song Pha pass (on the way home from Dalat).

Anyone wants some fish bellies?

View of Vinpearl's underwater observatory.

Nice and warm on Tet's eve.

Looking gorgeous under the "Mai" tree. Kekeke

Posing under the bamboo trees.

I want some tangerines for Tet.

"Neu" tree at Vinpearl.