13 July 2009

Trouble, I sense

A police officer came to my rented house last night trying to make some money while trying to sound threatening, what a F*&ing B%#** (pardon my French). Oh, he made my knees shook and almost peed in my pants...(joke intended here). What a turd, he didn't get anything in return, but an embarrassed expression on his face when he left. Yeah, i think i felt his irate frustration as he left the gate. Hahaha, don't you just love it when you use the law to slap the face of a law enforcement agent who's trying to be a leeching maggot?! Loving it. Muahaha.

01 July 2009

New Things?

Perhaps a new motorbike is in store for me. What do you think about a Honda Airblade F1? I think Honda is the preferred make here in VN. The locals believe it's reliable and durable, so I will give it a try. Wait till next month to see pictures of my baby.

What else is new? Oh yes, a possible trip back to Nha Trang at the end of August after summer session ends at school. What's on the agenda, possible hitting it up in Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan), Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen), and Buon Ma Thuot (DakLak)? So i will be going for two weeks. If anyone is interested in going, just holla and we can arrange something.

09 June 2009

Nha Trang, Again?

Nha Trang's Sea Festival 2009

Is he in his underwear???

A big pool as a backyard???

The sky is on fire!!!

Whoa, too many heads tonight...lol

Yamaha pots made into Yamaha drums...lol.


Massive chains of hotels along Tran Phu Street

27 May 2009

Private Teaching

I just love private teaching. One on one attention is so much better for me and for the student. The student doesn't need to compete with other students for the teacher's attention, while the teacher can devote more effort and time for the student's development.

It's crazy but 4 years ago i couldn't have imagined myself as a teacher. I dredded the thought of tolerating someone who couldn't understand anything; and not having the patience for it didn't really help either. But now, i just love what I do, it's such a rewarding experience and of course money isn't bad either...hihihi.

Anyways, enough prattles about my wonderful job, i'll move on to mention my plan for June. I'm gonna head out to Nha Trang on the 6th-8th of June to enjoy me some Beach Festival. It should be great since they have a lot of spectacular shows and events planned for the whole week. Oh, did i mention all you can eat seafood at a price so cheap that you're gonna say, "whoa, that's crazy!"

Okie, some eye candies when i return from my trip...until then adieu mes amis.

23 May 2009

Rain, rain, and more rain

Yep, the rainy season has started and its effects are soaking in. No pun intended. I feel the combination of a scorching day and a wet night is putting a lot of stress on my immune system. I sense I might come down a terrible cold or something. However, this weather is not about to put a damper on my spirit. I am planning a mini trip to Nha Trang on the weekend of 06/06 to get some Festival Bien (Beach Festival) and to absorb some good sun and cool breezes.

Nha Trang and the good ole days...