27 January 2007

Sorting My Life

I have started sorting, prioritizing and categorizing all of my belongings. I have separated everything i have into two piles: the leave 'em behind and the take 'em with you. It's so hard to decide which beloved items to leave behind and which to take. There are so many sentimental valuables such as albums, books and people that i will have to leave behind. Sigh! I am starting to miss all of them already. I have 10 photo albums filled with precious memories of the people i have met and known all of my life. It's going to be a teary goodbye, i just know it. I will balling on departure day for sure and no amount of hanky will suffice wiping away overflowing river of tears.

I still can't believe i am about to embark on this wondrous life altering journey. But i know it's going to be a marvelment of a trip. There are many exciting places to see, many reverable people to meet, and many non-humdrum things to do.

Anyway, enough reminiscing and musing and back to packing i must be.

Until we meet again, full speed ahead mate!!!

18 January 2007

Texas People Can't Drive

Yeah, that's right! Texans can't drive PERIOD. Now, i want to see one drive during a winter blizzard up north. It's gonna be something like in this video here.

Just this morning there was a 25-car pileup. Crazy Texas people driving 75-85 mph on an icy overpass (i reckon they've got a few loose bolts bouncing around upstairs). Thank Buddha i haven't been a Texan for too long....don't hate coz i am a yankee at heart :-P.

13 January 2007

One Step Closer

One step closer to be where i want to be...