29 May 2007

Rain, Sick, Poor Me....

Trudging in the heavy rain for hours in the past two days has left me sick and weak. The rain is so erratic, deviating from its usual trend, sunny in the morning and a quick shower in the evening. For some reason, prolly a storm, it rained the whole afternoon into late evening. Many areas of Saigon were flooded especially in part of District 1 (at the intersection of Le Thanh Ton and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia and beyond).

In addition to that misery, i haven't had a good nite's sleep for awhile. If this keeps up i'll dig myself a hole like a Prairie Dog and hibernate until the rain season passes.

Anyway, gonna find myself areally sandals to walk in the rain...anyone wants to join???

24 May 2007

Swing Class

Two words, swing dancing. La Fenetre Soleil holds swing dancing class every Wednesdays for dancers of all level. The first hour is for beginners and the second or third hour is for, well, everyone. Lessons are free so if you find yourself free at 8 on Wednesdays then come have some fun.

Yes, i've recruited Mr. Shaun (LAXtoSGN) to be my partner for the class. He will be arriving to VN on June 5th. Let's give Shaun a big Welcome hug ;-).

16 May 2007


Did i mention how unlucky the past couple of weeks have been? First, i lost my glasses somewhere in the streets of Saigon; and because of that i have gone many days without reading my book and currently displaying signs of withdrawal: seizures, yawns, dullness, and boredome. Second, i broke my precious lil cheap phone this past Sunday. But thanks to Mr. Saigon Nezumi, i've got a new awesomely wicked-cool Motorola SLVR L7i phone.
Here's my old phone:
Here's my sexy lil cellie:
Don't cha wish your cellie was hot like mine?

I'm gonna get off topic here and introduce Wrap & Roll, a restaurant on 62 Hai Ba Trung. I think this place is spankin' good. The place is clean, aery and comfortable. The service is friendly, and the food caters to both western and local palettes. It's not supercheap eats, but it won't leave a hole in your pocket either. So check it out!!!!