08 October 2006

Background Check

I am going to the local enforcement agency tomorrow to get fingerprinted and to request a background check. I am getting these because for an American to work overseas I need to have an FBI Identification Record Request (aka Criminal Record History). This is to assure potential employers that I am not a felon or a convicted criminal working for them. Oy, I hope this is not a painful process.

This is good to have because employers will need to have this record to give me a work permit. Well, let's hope that I can find a teaching job in VN...*fingers crossed*. This will be a complete career change for me. And after tomorrow, I will be one step closer to my goal of living and teaching in Vietnam.


Anonymous said...

hey Annie, hope you find a teaching job. If not, perhaps you could create for yourself a job by opening your own school. You can partner with somebody who has a facility.

thong said...

I briefly tried to get teaching gigs in Saigon before I decided to move to Hanoi. VUS I hear is okay, but not that great, but there are so many schools to choose from. Saigon ESL has a great listing of schools to choose from. I suggest printing out your CV and bringing that and the real official copies of your degrees and certifications to random schools and just apply to jobs. Vietnam News, the English paper of Vietnam, usually has schools putting out ads for teachers. Remember, the market rate should be $13-17 so don't let them punk you because you're a Viet Kieu, demand the market rate. And you got an American Viet Kieu friend in Hanoi. Let me know if you need any help with anything. Welcome to Vietnam, soon enough.

Anonymous said...

hi, what's the name of the agency that you can get the background check? Local police station?


Public Records said...

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