18 January 2007

Texas People Can't Drive

Yeah, that's right! Texans can't drive PERIOD. Now, i want to see one drive during a winter blizzard up north. It's gonna be something like in this video here.

Just this morning there was a 25-car pileup. Crazy Texas people driving 75-85 mph on an icy overpass (i reckon they've got a few loose bolts bouncing around upstairs). Thank Buddha i haven't been a Texan for too long....don't hate coz i am a yankee at heart :-P.


laxtosgn said...

Hi there, just found your blog.. It seems interesting. We seem to be going through the same thing.. you're moving to VN soon?

laxtosgn said...

Hey Annie,

Yes, I totally agree with you. But I know for a fact that we'll do well in VN. I'm so excited for you, you are so close to leaving. I'll be there 3 months after you. How are your parents reacing to this? and what are you planning on doing, for work wise in VN?

- Shaun