24 December 2007


Merry Xmas everyone!

Hmm...Xmas this year feels a little strange, a little lonely and a little sad. Xmas is a time when family unite and celebrate, but i am so far away from home and family. I definitely gonna miss all of my presents...kekeke.

JK JK...i am not that selfish.

Season's Greetings!!!!


SaigonNezumi said...

Merry Christmas to you too.

Do what everyone does and go to District 1 tonight, it will be packed.

SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

Ken said...

Merry Christmas Annie! Have a wonderful Xmas in the homeland, but ironically not being home =)

Annie said...

Kev: Did you go?

Ken: Thanks, it feels kinda weird but interesting. How is it over there?

Ken said...

Well Annie, it is a funny feeling isn't it? It's like, you really belong there, but you don't. I get that same feeling everytime I'm back there. Especially, during holidays like Christmas, when home comes to mind. Christmas was quite warm this year. It only gets chilly at night. I went to Disneyland the day before Christmas eve and it was hot the whole day until nightfall.

Annie said...

Ken: Disneyland huh? Wow, i miss that place. Especially, the ridiculously expensive food...haha. So when are you coming in here? We can't wait to receive you.