27 April 2007

A Day at the Zoo

Spent 26/04 at Thao Cam Vien, a mini zoo, on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai/Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street.
Aww...i love you too, mama

Desert in Saigon?

Pink Flamingo (hmm...minus the Pink)

Albino Peacock??

I think this is Paper Flower (Hoa Giay)

Lotus in big vats :-P

Path of falling leaves...reminds me of the US during the Autumn.

Lotus flowers in an iron/bronze pot.

Water puppet inside Museum of Natural Science/Anthropology

A performance in Thao Cam Vien to celebrate Death Anniversary of Vietnam's ancestral King Hung Vuong (women in traditional Ao Dai doing the fan dance)

22 April 2007

Pictures Galore

Some eye candies for y'all :-D

@ TEFL Graduation Dinner: (Lovely classmates, i'll miss all of you)

@ Ty and Tony's Wedding: (Lovely couple...and a dish of peanuts for dinner :-D)

@ Manna: (two hot transvestites)

17 April 2007


It was a really fun birthday. Thanks for coming, everyone. Sushi was good and music at YoKo was pretty awesome too. The band was excellent.

Okay, back to more homework. Just kill me now!!!!!

03 April 2007

TEFL International

I've been terribly busy with school that i haven't much time to update this blog...thus, many apologies to my (imaginary) readers :-). To make that up, i will post some pictures of my classmates at TEFL International.

Here we are standing in front of V.U.S. on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street. (Back Row Left to Right: Chris from Canada, Tom from England, Abby from U.S.A., Tom W. from England, Nick [Instructor] from Philliphines. Middle row: Sarah from New Zealand, Dorette from U.S.A., Susan from Canada, James from U.S.A., Chris from Australia. Front row: Diem [TEFL Trainer from VN], Mel from England, Me, Suzanne from England, Diana from Australia, Amy from U.S.A., Vu from U.S.A., and Geoff from Australia).

Making weird faces

Big westerners crammed into a small Vietnamese elevator (capacity: 8 Vietnamese people = 5.5 Westerners)