03 November 2008

Already Back

Hi everyone!

Yep, been back in VN for a few months now.

Argh, can't wait for the rain to stop.


amadbrownwoman said...

hey, welcome back!!!!from cheryl

Anonymous said...

Thought you really vanished for a second there...I emailed you awhile back but never heard back from you.


Austin Nguyen said...

What? I'm Nguyen Pham Hong Phuoc from SaigonTech. Remember the recommend letter that I have you written in Spring 2008? I'm in Houston now. Houston is not cute at all. It's boring than Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Welcomes to Vietnam - excellent investment destination in Asia

henno said...

HHehe Austin - not so cute, huh?

Oi, get posting again!!!

Vic_Nguyen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vic_Nguyen said...

"hi my lovely teacher, may i absent this morning?? i have some problem?? Mr. Nguyễn Trọng Nhân." Hi Anie, do u remember me and that message?? how r u? i don't see u in Saigontech. where r u now?

Annie said...

Hi Guys!!!! Thought I went MIA huh? Nope, still alive and kicking.

Re: Austin, I am glad you're there. I hope you keep in contact as I will return to Houston next summer.

Re: Cheryl, hey, what's happening? Haven't seen you a while, a very long while. HOpe you're kicking as vigorously as me.